The North American Business College
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Based in Toronto, the North American Business College offers intensive courses designed to equip young people for careers in business, science and languages. The task was to provide a user-friendly website which would encourage people to enrol at the North American Business College.

Knowing that prospective students would be exploring numerous websites relating to other college, it was important to make the North American Business College stand out.  A tremendous amount of detail would have to be incorporated, yet without overwhelming the site or the user.  The site had to be memorable so that when students were making their final decision after looking at courses elsewhere, the North American Business College would be the one that came first to mind.

By using images of smiling, happy students on the opening page, it immediately created a clean, friendly, approachable image of the North American College. It presented the college as a desirable place to study. This was a happy, welcoming community that would enable students to get good grades, while studying in a pleasant environment.

The three layer information bars on the introductory page help prospective students to navigate easily around the site and find the course details they need. The strap line highlighting courses was placed immediately above the images so that the reader’s attention would be drawn to those words. This was the key message that had to be conveyed.

All detailed information was hidden behind buttons that had to be clicked in order to find out more. This kept the pages clean, but allowed the information to be quickly available.

Throughout the website, there are continual hints and suggestions that there is yet more information to be found or acquired thus emphasising the image of a busy, successful college which would enable students to gain access to their chosen careers.

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