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Stonebrook Condominium wanted a website that would represent their luxurious property online in the best possible way. They wanted their website to contain all property and administrative information, while also showcasing property facilities that Stonebrook Condominium has to offer to its residents and guests.

Being a premium condominium, the expectations for the whole design and website functionality were very high.

Functionality of a new Stonebrook website were designed and developed with the unit owners in mind. Every owner has an online account where they can book amenities in the property using an online calendar integrated into the system. Owners can also access minutes and financial details of the condominium. It is like having their own social media platform since they can also communicate with the board and other unit owners.

It’s not just the owners who can get in touch with the board. The condominium board can also reach out unit owners with the help of an Email Blast system that we developed. Now Stonebrook can send informational and promotional emails to all condominium unit owners with ease.

ASMART successfully met expectations of the condominium corporation and perhaps raised the bar for competition as technology and luxury living become synonymous.

"Thanks to you and the team. The website looks very good."

John Pitkin, Board Member

ASMART Solutions Inc.