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In the Art Glass industry, there are two words that epitomize splendor, vibrancy and remarkable talent—Sarah Hall. This internationally renowned artist has made exceptional art glass pieces that have astounded people all over the world.

It was our duty to give her work justice by making a website that is clean, crisp and distinctive to her style.

Working with such a prominent figure, we definitely had our work cut out for us. Nonetheless, we created a website that is impeccably designed to match the unwavering and powerful artistry of Sarah Hall. The vibrancy on her page is unmistakable—the colors, shapes and accents mesh together in symmetry. Ethereal bliss—this is how we choose to describe her website. With aesthetics aside, we also made a layout that would present her website’s content in s fashionable manner. All together, Sarah Hall’s website is now a work of art. 

See for yourself. By merely visiting her website, you can now experience the essence of Sarah Hall’s work.

We aimed to come up with a platform that will represent her to the extent of giving browsers the artistic experience her works give in real life. This was thoroughly achieved as we know that with her website, she can touch and inspire more artists that look up to her.

"The site looks fabulous. I am delighted with it. It is perfect. Many thanks for your wonderful work. I am so pleased with the site. Everyone here loves it and I think my customers will too."

Sarah Hall, Owner

ASMART Solutions Inc.