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The Russian Stone is a company that deals with precious minerals and jewelry from all over the world. The challenge for ASMART was to create a website that showcased the various minerals and jewelries that this company has to offer.

What we had on the top of our minds during the development of this website was convenience. We wanted the customers to feel that they went to the store itself upon seeing all products they were interested in. We wanted to provide seamless navigation and the chance for customers to purchase any product of their liking.


That is why we multiple categories for easy navigation and a part where customers can see new arrivals. Customers who wanted to know more about ordering online can visit the Shipping and Returns page for all their queries about purchasing.

A simple website like this enables customers to shop and enjoy their experience. It’s as if they visited the store themselves.

"Everything looks fantastic! Thank you!"

Mike Petrov, Owner

ASMART Solutions Inc.