Western Toronto Thoracic Associates
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Western Toronto Thoracic Associates wanted a website that can give people the accessibility to learn more on thoracic illnesses and reach out to thoracic professionals.

It was also essential for them to have a readily accessible button where people can easily set an appointment, as this gives them a hassle-free booking service. People of all ages are potential visitors of this website, so it was also our challenge to create a website that would appeal to anyone of any age.

We made sure to create a UX design that is easy to navigate even for the novice user. 

The website is pretty straightforward that is loaded with vital information for people who want to be educated on thoracic illnesses. The goal is to give users a comforting feel, thus the use of a soft hue of pink. Another key feature is the addition of the Schedule an Appointment button. We created this to give their clients a better and comfortable experience right from the starting point.

Given all of these, the end result is a communicative website that speaks comfort and accessibility. There is no doubt that Western Toronto Thoracic Associates will be able to reach out to more people with this asset on hand.

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