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Lorne’s Coats is all about elegance and simplicity. The challenge that our design team faced was this website had to be perfect in order to portray the essence of this clothing company.

As with the phrase “Perfect in it’s Simplicity,” the website had to maintain this mantra. Keeping things simple and making them look sophisticated elegant is a tall task in any field.

What our design team came up with was to present coats that are actually worn to instantly let the visitor know that these products are perfectly tailored for them no matter what season and occasion. The classy style of the images will strike any person and let them appreciate the artistry and elegance of this simply piece of clothing. 

To show the different products, we devised a tabular style of navigation and divided the categories in to the whole collection, men’s, women’s or corporate wear.

Again, the coats are being worn as they are shown so visitors know how they truly look like.

What our team came up with was a very simple design that is easy to navigate to. The simple design we implemented is suitably perfect with the image of this company.

"We absolutely love how it looks!"

Lorne, Owner

ASMART Solutions Inc.
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