Knuferno Studio
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You know you are viewing a dance studio’s website upon visiting Knuferno Studios’ page. We designed their homepage with a backdrop of a graceful woman which instantly greets browsers with enticement and allure.

The curvy accents create a colorful addition to the website’s frolic nature. This multi-disciplinary dance and fitness center caters to various recreational activities ranging from aerial dance to yoga. In line with this, we carefully made their website with the same finesse and panache that their service represents. Providing the finest dancing lessons while promoting a person’s well-being is their immediate endorsement. We made sure to accurately depict this through their website.

A display of their various services offered makes virtual inquiry more efficient. All essential information is effectively published on the page which attracts more and more influx of potential clients. We also provided a media gallery where a collection of amazing pictures can be viewed to represent Knuferno Studios’ premium artistry. Several videos can be viewed to give visitors the full vibe of what their studio has to offer. Navigation keys are also conveniently situated on top of the page so it can be seen with no trouble.

We strategically created the layout with precise balance and flawless contour to accurately represent Knuferno Studios.

"WOW! It looks amazing I'm so happy with the result."

Kristina Udegbunam, Owner

ASMART Solutions Inc.