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ISCOCA is an electrical engineering services contractor able to install electrical systems, carry out maintenance, investigate and resolve deficiencies. A corporate website was required which would convey the vast array of services available, while stressing the company’s reliability and status.

Making lists of information on topics such as electrical generators appealing and accessible was a challenge.  Detailed information had to be provided while ensuring that the extensive service range could be seen at a glance. Navigating the site had to be simple and quick. 

The long history and position of the company are stressed on the first page of the website. This emphasises the impression of ISCOCA as a strong company, able to cope and respond to all emergencies.  It is a company on which the user can rely.  The use of focus words together with logos and numbers confirm this image. At every stage, the impression is created of a strong, stable, corporate organisation. 

A neutral background ensures that the images and text stand out.  Logos change colour from grey to yellow on a constant basis. This helps to capture the site user’s attention to the desired corporate message, yet without diverting them from making the choice as to where to go next on the website.  The user remains aware of all the key messages at the same time.

All the images have been carefully chosen to reinforce the impression of a professional, reliable company possessing great knowledge and expertise in its chosen field.  This is a company which knows what it is doing and can cope with detailed electrical matters.  The white background conveys a practical, efficient image, reinforcing key corporate messages. 

The website succeeds in conveying a corporate image, while encouraging people to use its services. It is efficient, simple to use and effective. 

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