Electrical Safety Authority
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The Electrical Safety Authority or ESA is a government-regulated non-for profit entity in Ontario. With over 3000 documents and pages on our hands, our goal was to re-design, re-organize and unify 5 of their informational websites in one.

Making a lot of information easily accessible and visually appealing is always a fun challenge. The interactive slideshow and an easy to understand menu on the home page is what greets visitors upon entering the site. ESA’s website may be packed with information, but our team presented it in a structured manner. Google Custom Search Appliance also makes finding information a robust and easy process for the visitors. 

ESA’s top concern is the safety of Ontario’s residents that is why the newly constructed website is making ESA’s services more accessible to the public through social interaction.

We are happy to have delivered promised results in a timely manner. With around 2 million page views per year, ESA’s website was launched with minimum disruptions and had no security, stability and speed issues to date. 

"You are doing a great job - your assistance is always appreciated. We are receiving great feedback about the website - way to go ASMART!!"

Erin Clayton, Project Coordinator

ASMART Solutions Inc.