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Efes Flooring is a major flooring supply and installation business serving the Toronto area. In an age when people prefer DIY rather than using specialists to undertake home improvements, Efes Flooring needed to get the message across that flooring installation does require specialist attention. It also wanted to stress the extent of its collection, and how much choice was available to consumers.

Choosing between laminates, carpets and hardwoods involving deciding what is right for a home as well as deciding on colours and styles. Laying flooring is more complex than most people think.  It needs to be laid safely and securely to avoid accidents.   Relying on the expertise of professionals ensures the job is completed efficiently and fast.

The website needed to be designed to incorporate these messages simply and clearly while emphasising the massive breadth of flooring choices available.

The decision was taken to incorporate a changing collection of images which would quickly portray the key messages as the dominating feature of the website. This ensures the site user’s attention is capture very quickly.  More specific content dealing with different types of flooring and the services available is available at the click of a button.  Important features encouraging site users to respond by requesting a quote are highlighted in colour.

Even the colours used on the website were carefully chosen to reflect the wood shades that form part of the Efes Flooring offer.  All content is kept clean and eye catching, with easy to read signage.

The result is a website which anyone seeking information about the company, choosing flooring or seeking a flooring installer can access the required details within seconds. It is user friendly, informative and visual. The key message that Efes Flooring provides first rate service for installation and supply is stressed throughout, leaving the user aware at all times of what is available.

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