Church Of The Light

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When creating a website for this young church in Toronto, ASMART Solutions needed to find colours and styles which would convey the image of a modern, community based organisation appealing particularly to young people.

It needed to encourage them to find out more about Christianity and this particular church without being feeling they were being constantly preached at. The church saw itself as young, outward looking and sociable.

Blue is a colour which has long been associated with Christianity so was an obvious choice for this project.  The main landing pages are all in blue shades, with the hint of a sunburst at the top.  The sunburst is a traditional image relating to Christ. The key Christian symbol of the Cross is used on all the pages, including linked into the title words.  This constantly reinforces the religious element of the web site, linking to the past as well as the present and future.

Images are extensively used on the landing pages showing young people in a variety of activities including praying, helping others, working overseas, socialising and taking part in water sports. The remainder of the pages are white, allowing the reader to concentrate on the text and the key messages being portrayed.

Navigating the site is simple, with easy to follow directions at the top and bottom of each page.  Images are always the first impression on each page, with the copy designed to reinforce the content of that image, encouraging people to seek more information.

The result is a website which achieves its aims. The persistent image is of happy, healthy, young people participating in a wide range of church related activities within a multicultural setting. It is friendly and easy to use, encouraging people to find out more. The key Christian message is always present.

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