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Cabano is a specialist importer and distributor of high quality decorative plumbing such as faucets and showers for bathrooms and kitchens.

The task was to stress the strength of the Cabano range, highlighting the extensive product offer without overwhelming anyone using the website. Customers needed to be able to zoom in quickly on areas of specific interest, place orders while also being encouraged to browse and explore other product sectors. A further consideration was that the site needed to be flexible to allow new products be added quickly.

Simplicity was regarded as the key to the problem.  Glamorous, desirable room settings greet the user on arrival at the site.  It gives the immediate impression that these bathrooms could be yours if you buy our products. A strap line above offers quick destination choices to products, order and contact details as well as providing an opportunity to find out more about Cabano. 


All the pages are easy to use.  Customers just have to click on a product to find out more, or use the sidebars to expand information on services such as the innovative build a shower concept.  By clicking on the entry bar, different product groups are revealed allowing users to create a custom shower combining different decorative plumbing options

Colour schemes are kept muted so as not to distract attention from the products on display.  All the products are set against a white background, giving the impression of cleanliness and efficiency.  It is a light, bright site reflecting the product range.

An aerial view of Toronto on the company page stresses Cabano’s local heritage.  Maps and dealer lists are used to encourage customers to quickly identify where they can buy products from the Cabano range. 

The result is a user-friendly website which instils confidence about Cabano and its products.  

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