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November 09, 2013 in #searchengineoptimization

7 Truths about SEO. Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow

Semantic search has been making a lot of noise lately. SEOs have been discussing AuthorRank and Authorship, knowledge graph and social graph, rich snippets and semantic markup and … and … and … The list goes on.
ASMART Solutions Inc.
September 06, 2013 in #websitedesign

The Changing Role of Web Design in the Semantic Web

I frequently say that semantic search is changing everything. It’s not semantic search that’s really changing everything however. It’s the web. Web 3.0, to be more precise.
ASMART Solutions Inc.
August 14, 2013 in #websitedesign

Psychology of Colors in Web Design

The impact of a well-executed website design significantly depends on the choice of colors the designer makes. Learn from this article how and why ASMART people choose specific color schemes in pursuit to make their client's websites stand out.
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