The impact of a well-executed website design significantly depends on the choice of colors the designer makes. Learn from this article how and why ASMART people choose specific color schemes in pursuit to make their client's websites stand out.

The choice of colors is what usually catches the attention of people that are merely passing by a design. When constructing a website, colors create the flow and convey certain emotions to browsers, that is why it is important to learn the importance its role. 

Color Wheel Main Groups

Colors can be separated into three main groups, which are called Primary, Secondary and Tertiary.

Primary colors consist of the colors red, yellow and blue.

Mixing the primary colors together can create secondary colors. These are green, purple and orange.

Mixing a primary color and a secondary color creates tertiary colors such as blue green or yellow green.

Relationships of Colors

Now let’s learn about complimentary and analogous colors.

Complimentary colors, naturally, complement each other. On the color wheel presented above, these colors can be located opposite each other. Such examples are purple and yellow, red and green or blue and orange.

Analogous colors, on the other hand, are located next to each other on a color wheel. These colors usually match well. However, they have minimal contrast when used together in a design.

Color Groups Based on Emotions

As mentioned earlier, colors convey certain emotions. We can group these into three namely cool, warm and neutral colors.

Cool colors such as blue, purple or green send “chilly” signal to viewers.

Warm colors like yellow, orange or red bring to mind cozy and warm feelings.

Neural colors don’t really convey that much emotion. Examples are the colors brown and grey.

There is no doubt that consumers respond emotionally to colors. That is why it is important to use colors with a purpose. If you want to bring forth authority and trust, use cool colors. Do you want to make your viewers feel happy and cheerful? Make use of warm colors like yellow or orange.

Colors for a Website

There are only 3 colors, 10 digits, and 7 notes; its what we do with them that's important. Jim Rohn

This can be quite tricky. Choosing which color to use is essential in receiving the desired response from your target audience. It is wise to have proper research as to what colors will work well with your viewers.

Naturally, it is impossible to determine which color will work for each and every one of your viewers. In fact, each color may be perceived differently among different cultures. Nonetheless, scientists have proven that color plays a vital role when it comes to human behavior towards a product. 

Taking this into consideration, let us learn more about how each color affects your viewers.


It is commonly associated with cleanliness, innocence, purity and peace. The instance we see the color white, a calming energy instantly creeps in our mind. It can also represent perfection and flawlessness. It shows a bright, yet soothing aura to people observing your product or services. White is one of the most commonly used colors everywhere. It can be used as a theme or even an accent to a variety of color combinations.

This website illustrates an aura of perfection due to its artsy design. You will notice that the white themed website goes well with a variety of colors surrounding it. It is one of the few colors that will fit into every scheme. This is one perfect example of the purity and cleanliness of the color white. ASMART chose white for this website because this color is one of the common bases for any art piece, given that the website is for an artist. This color instantly gave the website a lively and artistic feel that is easy on the eyes. Combined with a variety of bright colors, the creative level of the design is greatly enhanced and this in turn, makes the website look and feel like it belongs to a true artist. 


It is often correlated with power, elegance, sophistication, and depth. It is said that wearing black on a job interview can show that the interviewee is a powerful individual, and the same goes with websites. 

Prestige is also one adjective that can perfectly describe the color black. It is so versatile that it can blend even with other strong colors. Nothing can exude authority like black can.

This is a prime example of black making a design feel authoritative and powerful. Smart Guard site is mostly black which allows their images to pop. They use a bright red for accents too. The color black gives a powerful quality to the site, showing their products off in a sophisticated and masculine light. Black is a great color to use to make products look expensive and worthy of value. The red shows passion and excitement, as well as the hope to drive consumers to purchase the car maintenance products from a company that values commitment and quality. Given the luxurious type of services that Smart Guard offers, black instantly gives a strong message to the viewer. We combined red with black so that a bright accent will complement the theme perfectly. As a result, the website is given a dynamic element that can easily relate to all interested parties.


A prime example of a neutral color. When used properly, it can make a design standout but when used inappropriately, it can make a website feel bland. It can also represent maturity, seriousness, indifference and a powerful character.

This website, on one hand, illustrates how gray can give a website personality. This shows the seriousness of the company to make an impact to every client and potential clients. The cool yet striking gray theme makes the design easy on the eyes and does not turn off anyone. The neutrality this website shows a strong sense of fairness. ASMART chose grey as the primary color for the website because it firmly relates to the customer. The absence of color perfectly showcases the extensions. This decision gave the website an appealing aura to the customer. When we combined grey with a hint of pink and white, this resulted in a feminine and pure appeal for the females that will avail of the product. 


Red symbolizes fire and power and is associated with passion and importance. It also helps to stimulate energy and excitement.

It is the color that strongly represents passion, love, anger, power and a lot of energy. Red shows a really strong desire to its users. Using this color will make a design highly noticeable because of its strong nature. Red is also associated a lot with scholarly activities. It shows a lot of glory and success.

For the website Village English, the color red is used to shows success and academic excellence. It instantly gave the website a strong and passionate energy along with the subtle wooden design. This is a perfect example of how to use red in order to strike audiences at first glance. ASMART picked red for this website because it showed a lot of character. Together with the complimentary brown colors, the website is like giving a warm welcome to the student. This is exactly what the company expected for their website. 


Blue is a peaceful and calming color exuding stability and expertise. It is a common color used in corporate sites because of this. Blue can also symbolize trust and dependability.

It symbolizes unlimited potential as well as stability and trust. For the darker shades of blue, it shows a lot of depth and experience because it gives more substance to a design. It is an ideal color to show off calmness for the mind and body.

An energy drink website needs a design that will capture the promise of the product. And with this website design, it perfectly illustrates the dependability of the product. The hue of blue will attract your eyes right off the bat. You would not need any more reasons to doubt the vision of this project. ASMART chose blue because of its calming feel. This calmness is needed during mornings after parties. When blue is combined with red, calmness and power is born and this is exactly what the product is all about. 


Green symbolizes nature and has a healing quality. It can be used to symbolize growth and harmony. People feel safe with green. The color represents nature, safety, growth and even money. The color is very easy on the eyes and can be used to pleasantly surprise people with its lighter shades. Green is also often associated with freshness, which in turn interprets lack of experience or the beginning of something new.

For this landscaping website, green is used to accent the nature effect of the website. It is perfectly combined with the color of the earth to depict the nature of the company. Green is the best option for this design and it is executed well. Much like a garden, green is showed to be easy to look at. ASMART picked green for the obvious reasons relating to nature. It quickly makes the user feel like they are at a backyard or retreat. This serenity will appeal to the people. When combined with complimentary brown color, this greatly improves the earthy feel of the website; staying true to the nature of the company. All in all, the website got the most fitting design for a nature based industry. 


Bright yellow is a happy color representing the positive yellow qualities: joy, intelligence, brightness, energy, optimism, and happiness.

A dingy yellow brings about feelings of cautiousness and attention.

Yellow, if partnered with white as seen in this website, can perfectly show security as well as excitement. You can really sense the enthusiasm and professionalism of the company with a simple color. This website never fails to catch the attention of the visitors. ASMART chose yellow because it is the color for safety and it is the first color that our eyes notice. This color stayed true to the essence of the company. When combined with white, it gives off a calming feel and it makes you trust the company more. This color combination is a like a road sign that you will follow strictly. This is what the company envisioned their website to be.


Purple is the color of royalty and sophistication showing wealth and luxury, This is the color you get when you mix red and blue. Concurrently, it will inherit the same attributes of the two colors. As a result, it represents stability and energy. It is also widely considered to be a royal color. You will feel power, luxury and aspiration upon the sight of purple.

For the website in picture, the subtlety of purple effectively communicates the luxury and stability. Same as the nature of the company, the color seamlessly tells the story of the company. Upon first sight, you will be drawn in the energy and trustworthiness of the website. ASMART chose purple because of the warm, yet powerful message it can give off. This makes the website feel like it feeds off professionalism. When we combined purple with white, we thought that it makes the website more stable and energetic. This can help them turn more people into availing of their services  


Brown is a great color the represent the aura of the sweetness of chocolates and coffee.  It shows warmth and comfort due to its subtle nature. Brown also helps induce a relaxed mood if combined with subtle colors. Lastly, it shows the aura of the sweetness of chocolates and coffee.

As seen in this website, brown represents comfort and warmth which personifies pastries as a whole. The relaxing nature of the color allows users to indulge in the site as they browse through the different pages. If combined with soft and warm colors, the results can be really seen off the bat. ASMART chose brown because pastries are often associated with chocolates. This made the website an instant eye candy for the users visiting the page. We combined brown with a velvety maroon to instantly to replicate the appeal of yummy desserts. There was no other choice for this website and coming up with enticing colors was easy due to the nature of the company. 


Orange is a combination of its two neighbors on the color wheel, red and yellow. Orange symbolizes happiness, joy and sunshine. It is a cheerful color, evoking childlike exuberance. It is not as aggressive as red but takes on some of the same qualities, stimulating mental activity. It also symbolizes ignorance and deceit.

Dynamic, creative and innovative. It is highly recommended for designs that require movement and ample energy. Creative websites frequently choose orange because it is exciting and at the same time unique while maintaining the comfort of a soothing color. It personifies excitement and youth with all the energy it can exude. Orange can be targeted to young, energetic and active people.

For this example, a boat/watercraft rental website uses orange to directly cater to the active bodies looking for an adventure. This is a perfect example of directly using a color to appeal to its market. If you try and use a different color for this company, it would not get the same energy to leave a mark to its audience. ASMART chose orange because of the energy it shows. Using watercrafts is a fun and exciting venture, which stays true to the nature of orange. When combined with black, the orange becomes a little bit more sophisticated and makes the user know that despite the fun and energetic appeal of the company, it still has a professional side to it. 


Pink is always associated with the feminine market. Its mood is very playful and it gives the audience a bubbly feel. Pink is ideal for websites that target mostly the female market.

For Chic Events, they chose pink to accent the white background to give off a very approachable energy. Their company is all about interaction and with the color pink, the website can personify this mantra. ASMART chose pink for this website because it is a great color for organizers to make things happen no matter the circumstances. Pink gave the website a powerful and independent feel. When combined with white, the website becomes a trustworthy entity that you can always count on with no worries at all. 

Royal Blue

Unlike the seriousness of blue and the playfulness of light blue, royal blue is much more versatile and can be used in various fields. It exudes security and it gives the audience a light mood. For smoother designs, this would be an ideal color to build around because of its versatility. Judging from its name, it has a royal appeal evident by the numerous crests that use royal blue as color.

The royal blue themed website shows off its versatility. Despite the corporate personality of the company, the color allows the company to casually approach every client. It does not intimidate despite the gargantuan success of the company. ASMART chose royal blue for this website because it intends to treat you like royalty. You are the first priority for this company and thus, royal blue is the obvious choice for this. We combined the color with a strip of white to give you a calming feeling that you will look for. This will give you a clean thinking of what the company is all about. In the end, the website’s design stays true to the service of the company.

There are infinite shadings of light and shadows and colors... it's an extraordinarily subtle language. Figuring out how to speak that language is a lifetime job. Conrad Hall