Who We Are

ASMART is a digital marketing agency located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Our services are intricately rendered to give your company the needed edge in the competitive market. At ASMART, we ensure the precision and quality of every task to exceed your expectations. Your success is our ultimate goal.

With us, there is no need to fret if you know little about web technology. Our account managers will make you feel comfortable and will provide you with the necessary information you need to know. We will guide you through every step on your way to success in the realm of digital marketing.

ASMART is determined to build long and fruitful relationship with your organization. We strive to understand the nature of your company and to supplement it with the best possible solution. We build our relationships on trust and simply do the best we can to give your company a boost it deserves.

Finally, we carefully build our team and care about our people's needs to ensure you get the right combination of experience and innovation.


Our mission is simple —

To Help Organizations Engage with Their True Audience

thoughts that make Us asmart


Businesses are run by people

First and foremost, our clients are people. And so are their own clients - people. Knowing this helps us become great friends and real partners with our customers. That's why we pay attention to your needs, deliver what we promise and act with respect for your dreams and goals.


Educated Decisions Are Best For Everyone

Customers love it when they purchase exactly what they need. By being open, transparent and informative, businesses attract the rights customers and help them make the right choice. That's why we maintain Our Thinking section where we openly discuss various topics in plain English. After all, it also helps you know us better. 


Simple Is Better Than Complicated

At ASMART we think the world is simple. Underneath the layers of confusion, complications and misunderstanding lie simple truths. Sure, some of the things we do can get fairly sophisticated, but we never try to make them complicated. We hate confusion as much as you do. That's why apply common sense to everything we do and share our knowledge and expertise with you in simple and transparent ways.


The Time To Be And Grow Online Is Now

Sure people still talk face to face but a lot of the talk is already happening online - search, transactions and word of mouth. In many cases demand on the web is higher than supply. That's why our goal is to help our clients capture the right audience in the most efficient and rapid ways possible. We make sure you are there, to bank on opportunity when the talk happens online


Connected Web Experiences Are Fundamental

In this age of hyper connectivity, you need to make your message stand out or it will join the monotonous buzz. To make your message memorable, you also need to be where your audience is – in search, on social networks, on their favorite websites, at their desks and on the go. That's why we create connected experiences that stand out across all platforms, screens and devices.


Art Is The Fusion Between Creativity And Analysis

When we create, we think of your clients’ needs. Making their experiences great requires a lot of knowledge, reasoning and creativity. That's why we work in teams where both creativity and logic prosper, and where knowledge and experience are retained and shared with our clients. Everyone on the project has a say and their thoughts are valued.


Our Product Is Innovation

We know that there is only one unique way for each of our clients to succeed. Sure there are some commonalities but standard approach to everything and everyone is not how it works at ASMART. We continuously explore new ways of bringing your unique ideas to life, on the web.


Compete To Solve The Problem

At ASMART, we do not do things with a purpose to beat competition. Instead, we focus all our attention, efforts, creativity and analytical thinking on solving your unique challenges; we act in your best interests.

Our Team

In 2007, the idea of putting up ASMART Solutions Inc. stemmed out of the great mind of Sergey. As CEO, he maintains the growth and sustainability of the company through continuously coming up with clever strategies.

Educated in Business Administration, Sergey has led ASMART for the past 5 years to become a systematic group of seasoned employees that creates and promotes superior websites with modern styles and innovative technologies. He strives to maintain the fun yet professional atmosphere in the work space. This yields the consistency of output that generates the constant inflow of clients. With Sergey as our leader, there is no doubt that we are inspired to be the best proponents in the website design industry.

During his spare time, Sergey is quite the adventure seeker. He enjoys downhill skiing and mountain biking.

Olesya is the backbone of ASMART's team of experts. She spearheads current projects which entails good communication and social skills to manage our clients well. Her knack of identifying clients' needs is her most impressive quality as this helps our company as a whole to function to its full potential.  

Olesya has been part of our company since the very beginning. With her degree with Economics and extensive experience in Marketing, Olesya is able to find the perfect solution for every client’s budget. 

Her main goal is to take good care of our clients.

She takes pride in being resourceful in finding creative solutions and innovative ideas. Olesya is the forefront of ASMART and we are proud to say that we are being represented impeccably.

We are proud to have Nick in our ASMART Team. There is no better person who perfectly fits this demanding yet vital job in our company. Nick is a talented graphic designer who has gained the respect and satisfaction of countless clients. His impressive work has amazed so many people as these designs are made with the utmost precision and aesthetic.

Nick took up Industrial Design and Computer Graphics in the University. He has also been in the graphic designing industry for more than 10 years. Evidently, his extensive education and comprehensive work experience are reflected in his remarkable work.

Nothing can compare to Nick’s distinctive flair in designing. His style is unique and creates that signature ASMART feel to websites.

It’s undeniable the Nick can uncannily transform mere ideas to reality.

Paul is one of our resident programmers who originally took up Finance as his Bachelor’s Degree. His innate talent in website development and custom programming soon manifested through his passion and creativity. His expertise is unquestionable with him being in this industry for 6 years. 

Being a programmer, Paul has played a pivotal role in our company. We are satiated to have been granted the opportunity of having such a brilliant and skillful mind as part of our team. We are assured that our websites are developed impeccably with Paul on our side. 

It is undeniable that programming is Paul’s one true passion, but he also enjoys the occasional breather by cross-country skiing during the winter or jogging during the summer.

Meet our dear Maple. 

If there is someone who livens the atmosphere during a hectic day, it has got to be Maple. This chocolate Labrador never fails to put a smile on anyone’s face. She also serves as an inspiration to our CEO by helping him come up with fresh and exciting ideas. Her irresistible face and lively presence sets the laid-back tone in our work space. 

Maple is an energetic yet affectionate dog who does nothing but bring sheer joy and comfort to members of our team.

Without Maple, the ASMART Team in not complete.

With an extensive background in marketing, Kim has mastered the skill of being a professional copywriter. 

With a growing passion for writing, Kim has joined ASMART. She assisted many of our clients by transforming their thoughts and ideas into well-written pieces of content. Her creative mind and quirky attitude is reflected through her unique writing style. 

When Kim is not in writing mode, she enjoys traveling and enriching herself in different cultures.

She is a free-spirited person who is not afraid to try new things. Kim is a handful of things, but at the end of the day her ultimate job is being a mother to her baby girl.

As our Seniour Developer, Roman plays an integral role in our company. He is an experienced web programmer who is well-equipped with unmatched knowledge in various programming languages, database engines, web platforms. His wide array of expertise has helped in developing flawless web solutions. With his skills, our clients’ ideas come to life. 

His degree in Information Technologies has paved his way to success. Development and Softwate Design is a very tedious job but Roman can effortlessly complete the task with his expert knowledge and skills. 

When Roman is not busy developing websites, he enjoys sports, traveling and surfing the net. He is definitely a talented team member who never fails to accomplish his work with the utmost excellence.

Victor is our web developer who adroitly writes complex codes for our clients. His experience is indispensable to the satisfaction of clients and to the success of the company. Victor’s unmatched knowledge in various developing languages has become one of the keys to success to every project. 

His degree in Information Technologies has been his tool to being a veteran in programming. The passion for Victor’s job is clearly felt with every code written as the expertise is definitely evident. Some might say that this task causes headaches; this is not the case for Victor. 

Being a developer doesn’t mean that Victor spends most of his time in front of the computer. He is passionate about sports and is a very well-traveled person. 

We admire Teodora’s passion for design. Her love for her profession is evident in her work as she never fails to create only the most astounding pieces of art.

It takes great skill to incorporate both trendy and professional styles into one exceptional design— and Teodora can execute this flawlessly. Among her countless expertise includes Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, HTML, CSS and Wordpress. 

Teodora believes in the power of design. She knows exactly how to engage visitors to your website. Being up-to-date with the latest web design trends is one of her secrets in making such sleek, innovative and user-friendly looks. 

During her spare time, Teodora plays around with creative ideas to continuously come up with unique designs. Other than that, she takes pleasure in shopping and reading books.

Kate is a well-rounded individual who seeks to educate her readers through her writing. With finance being her niche, she creates informative blogs that enlighten readers about the fundamentals of profiting from the web.

Her proficiency in finance is backed up by her impressive 6 year experience in the financial IT services industry where she used to manage large scale international projects. 

With Kate, it is evident that there is no education quite like the lessons of travel. She was born and raised in Lithuania. Upon graduating with a Psychology degree, she has been working in Russia and United Kingdom to gain work experience. 

She is now happily married and continues to create skillfully-written content for our company.

Ivan is a living example that an artist is not made, but born. Since his childhood, Ivan has always been keen about the fundamentals of computers. His enthusiasm for designing made him the passionate designer he is today. With 7 years in the industry, Ivan had experience of being as a designer, art director and even a leader of a website design studio. He has joined ASMART in 2012.

Being a graphic designer is Ivan’s true passion. His designs continue to captivate countless people. Leave it to Ivan to transform an uninspiring idea into a whirlwind of colors, shapes and symmetry. Ivan is truly an asset to our team as his designs never fail to meet our clients’ expectations. 

Notwithstanding his impressive experience, Ivan still remains grounded. With countless designs to his name, he still considers his 2 sons his greatest achievements.

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